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Do I need a permit to drain my pool, and where can I drain it?

Any person wanting to drain a pool into a City of Tempe street or right of way must apply for a no-fee permit. Occasionally, depending upon the drainage patterns of any specific area, this permit may not be issued. If you are denied a permit, other options for draining your pool are:

  1. Draining into the sewer cleanout on your property or
  2. Draining on to your property itself.

Any draining of pool water directly on to your property cannot result in water reaching the City of Tempe streets, alleys, or rights of way, nor adjacent properties under different ownership. There is no permit required to drain into the sewer cleanout, or directly on your property. To apply for a pool drainage permit please provide the following:

  1. The address of the property where the pool is located.
  2. The owner’s name.
  3. Who will be draining the pool (i.e. the owner or pool service company.)
  4. A telephone contact number.

Fax this information to 480-350-8591, call the Pool Drain hotline at 480-350-8521 or submit to: Pool Drainage Permit Application.

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