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Pool water must be drained into the sewer clean-out. If your residence does not have a sewer clean-out, you must drain it slowly enough that it is maintained in your yard. Pools MAY NOT be drained into the street, alley or neighboring properties.

Tips for re-filling the Pool:

  1. Water used to fill the pool is not free. The charge for the water used is based on consumption, just like the water used to take a shower or to do the dishes. It is billed per thousand gallons based on the current City of Mesa rates.
  2. If you fill the pool between April and November, there will be no impact on your monthly wastewater charge since the wastewater charge is calculated each April based on an average of the previous winter's usage.
  3. If you fill the pool between December and March, please remember that the monthly wastewater (sewer) rates are based on an average of your monthly winter water usage (between December and March). So, filling the pool during these months may impact your monthly wastewater fee for the following year. You can contact the Customer Service Call Center at 480-644-2221 and request a Wastewater Fee Adjustment form. This form would allow you to account for the higher usage that was a result of filling the pool and therefore that usage would not be calculated into the winter water average usage and negatively impact your future wastewater/sewer charge.
  4. The City of Mesa no longer rents fire hoses or hydrant wrenches for pool filling. In the past, customers could rent these items and use them to fill their pool from the nearest fire hydrant. This practice was discontinued several years ago.
  5. In order to judge what the impact to your monthly water bill might be, you can read the water meter before you start filling the pool and read it again when the pool is filled. The difference between these reads can be multiplied by the current water rates to calculate the cost of the water used. This may be helpful in budgeting for the cost of the water used.
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