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Discharging pool water into the sanitary sewer system is not allowed in the Town of Queen Creek. Before draining your swimming pool water, always make sure to neutralize the chlorine in your pool water and eliminate any algae growth. You can contact a licensed pool maintenance company to perform this service prior to draining. The Town of Queen Creek offers residents two options for discharging water from a swimming pool. These options are listed below in order of preference:

  1. If possible, always drain swimming pool water on your personal property first. Please do not let your pool water overflow your own property. If only a portion of your pool water can be drained onto your property, then option #2 can be used for the remainder.
  2. If draining your swimming pool water on your property is not feasible, then you may drain the water into the curb and gutter. This method should only be practiced if your street does not generally have flooding problems. When practicing this method, always make sure your discharge hose is long enough to reach the curb to prevent erosion of the soil. Additionally, please do not disturb your neighbors when practicing this method.
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